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LAWMA Collaborates With Ekiti State In Waste Bin Fabrication Initiative


Jan 17, 2024

In a significant move towards enhancing waste management strategies, the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has commenced the fabrication of waste bins for Ekiti State, as part of a collaborative effort to address waste management challenges. The Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, made this announcement on Tuesday, highlighting LAWMA’s commitment to extending support to states beyond Lagos.

Dr. Gbadegesin emphasized the importance of proper waste management practices, expressing pleasure in announcing the partnership with Ekiti State Government. He explained that by fabricating waste bins in-house, LAWMA gains control over quality, production speed, and cost-effectiveness, enabling the authority to offer bins at reasonable rates.

The LAWMA CEO stated, “LAWMA has assisted some states before now, and we are willing to do more. Effective waste management is not just a Lagos issue but a national concern. LAWMA’s door is open to any state seeking our assistance.”

The partnership with Ekiti State serves as a pilot program, paving the way for potential collaborations with other states. Dr. Gbadegesin highlighted that LAWMA is ready to provide technical support, training, and manpower to assist states in developing and implementing efficient waste management systems.

LAWMA’s Engineering Department, known for its ingenuity, has developed a robust waste bin fabrication process utilizing locally sourced materials. This initiative not only ensures cost-effectiveness and quality but also contributes to skill development, job creation, and reduces reliance on foreign imports.

The LAWMA boss encouraged other states interested in the initiative to take advantage of the affordable rates, as the authority extends its expertise to support the nation in achieving efficient waste management practices.

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