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Nigerian Navy Ship WEY Conducts Successful Medical Rhapsody, Community Service In Kirikiri


Jan 8, 2024

In a bid to express gratitude to the Kirikiri community for their enduring peaceful coexistence, Rear Admiral Mohammed Dahiru, Commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship WEY, orchestrated a free medical rhapsody and community service in the Kirikiri area of Lagos on January 6, 2023.

This community-focused initiative forms part of the Nigerian Navy Ship WEY’s corporate social responsibility aimed at strengthening the amiable civil-military relationship with the host community.

Admiral Mohammed Yabuku Dahiru highlighted that the endeavor aimed to appreciate the community for fostering decades-long peaceful coexistence.

He extended heartfelt appreciation to the host community, paramilitary, and security agencies in the area for their cooperation and accommodation of Nigerian Navy (NN) personnel.

Admiral Dahiru specifically thanked the leadership of the Correctional Service for facilitating NN personnel access through the Correctional Service road to Navy Town from Kirikiri.

He emphasized the NN’s commitment to nurturing relations with the host community and paramilitary institutions while ensuring the preservation of harmonious relations with neighbors.

Furthermore, Admiral Dahiru urged community leaders to continue advocating for lawfulness and tolerance toward NN personnel, crucial for sustaining the cordial relations between Kirikiri residents and the NN.

He underlined that the medical rhapsody aligned with the Chief of the Naval Staff’s strategic directives 2003-6.

The event encompassed various medical services, including public health talks, vital signs checks, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, distribution of treated mosquito nets, eye and dental examinations, as well as drainage clearing and general clean-up to mitigate climate change effects and enhance cleanliness in the area.

The turnout was exceptional, with residents participating enthusiastically in the exercise. Chief Babalola Babatunde, the Baale of Kirikiri Town, conveyed gratitude to the NN and Commander NNS WEY for selecting Kirikiri for the medical rhapsody and community service.

He pledged to uphold the harmonious relationship between Kirikiri residents and the NN, stating that the exercise would further reinforce the existing cordial ties.

Notable dignitaries present included Rear Admiral Mohammed Dahiru, Captain Buzugbe (representative of the Commander Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital), Chief Babalola Babatunde Shabe (Balogun of Kirikiri), Chief Tajudeen Yusuf, Chief Mrs. Sherifat Adewale, Alhaja Maryam Yekini, DCC SO Balogun, Mrs. Damisa (Health Officer Women Custodial Centre Kirikiri), and the DPO Kirikiri Police Station.

Sub-Lieutenant FU Okoh, the Base Information Officer at Nigerian Navy Ship WEY, released this report, highlighting the success and positive impact of the medical rhapsody and community service on the Kirikiri community.

On his part, Chief Babalola Babatunde Shabi, the Baale of Kirikiri Town community and Apapa, expressed profound gratitude for the cooperative relationship established with the Nigerian Navy.

He emphasized the Navy’s swift responses and exceptional security operations, resulting in a thug-free atmosphere on land and water. This collaboration between the Navy and Police has contributed significantly to Kirikiri Town and Apapa’s excellent security scorecard.

Highlighting the significance of preventive measures in maintaining security, the Baale Chief acknowledged the Nigerian Navy’s consistent support in ensuring the community’s safety in day-to-day activities.

Chief Babalola Babatunde Shabi wholeheartedly embraced the medical rhapsody initiative brought by the Nigerian Navy, emphasizing that the community’s health holds more value than material wealth. He lauded the experts for their medical advice and encouraged the Navy to continue organizing such initiatives regularly, suggesting a frequency of at least every four months.

Extending his appreciation to the Governor of Lagos State, the Local Government Chairman, the Nigerian Police Force, and the Nigerian Navy, the Baale Chief acknowledged their collective efforts in prioritizing the welfare of the community.

He specifically praised the Navy’s medical initiative for saving lives and ensuring the utmost security presence and protection in Kirikiri Community and Apapa.

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